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SwedenCare has established themselves as an innovative and reliable pet health company. With a broad portfolio of well-functioning pet health products for the most important therapy areas.

100% natural, organic and unique kelp ingredient – A.N ProDen™

The unique kelp ingredient in ProDen PlaqueOff® – A.N ProDen™ – is a 100% natural and organic kelp, sustainably harvested from specially selected locations in the fresh, cold North Atlantic waters off the Scandinavian coastline— one of the purest habitats on earth. Being exposed to these extreme environmental conditions and processed in a unique, specially developed process, it naturally develops and achieve the highest quality and maximum effect, making it safe and healthy for your pet.

High Quality

Bad breath, plaque- and tartar formation, itchy or sensitive skin? Our high quality products help you take care of your pet’s needs in a safe and easy way, all in the comfort of your own home- daily and throughout life.

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A loving breath throughout life

Securing oral health

To share a wet kiss with your loving pet is a happy moment. To feel the warmth of their loving breath is wonderful. Many dogs and cats suffer from problems related to oral health. Good oral health is important to their well-being. It’s about creating healthy habits for oral care right from the start. ProDen PlaqueOff® dental care products helps maintain pure breath and clean teeth for dogs and cats throughout their life- from a small puppy or kitten, all the way to senior age. ProDen PlaqueOff® has a clinically proven positive effect and is recommended by veterinarians as a top option for dog and cat dental care products. The unique kelp ingredient, A.N ProDen™, is 100% organic and natural. A.N ProDen™ is sustainably harvested in the clear waters off the Scandinavian coastline and contains no additives, making it healthy and safe for your pet. If used daily as directed, it will help reduce and control plaque, tartar and freshen breath.

100% effective, 100% natural, 100% easy.

  • Reducing plaque
  • Preventing tartar
  • Treating bad breath
Dental care bones for pet health
Dental care bones for pet health
Dental care bones
Dental care bones

Dental Care Bones

For resting and reward

Swendenaare Dental Care Bones are the only chewing bones on the market containing the unique and clinically proven kelp ingredient A.N ProDen™. If your four-legged family member prefers to chew, ProDen PlaqueOff System™ Dental Care Bones for dogs are the ideal solution. All Dental Care Bones are 100% natural and available in several tasty flavors for both large and small dogs.

Holistic Soft Bites

Soft and tasty with added benefits

A delicious new way to supplement your daily oral care routine! These new functional treats are a soft edition to Swedencare popular and growing brand of your favorite ProDen PlaqueOff® family. Each formulation has additional benefits for your pet including Gut & Immune Support, Hip & Joint and a Kitten formulation with DHA.


Your 100% natural daily routine

ProDen PlaqueOff® Powder dog dogs & cats is your 100% natural and easy solution to pet oral problems – just sprinkle the powder once a day on wet or dry food to help reduce problems and pain in the future, as well as freshen bad breath today. ProDen PlaqueOff® Powder is approved by the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) and are available for both dogs and cats.

ProDen PlaqueOff System™ Crunchy Dental Bites

Salmon Flavor

Crunchy Dental Bites are the perfect treat for health-conscious pet owners. Swedencare Crunchy Dental Bites contain the 100% natural, unique kelp ingredient A.N ProDen™, shown in clinical trials to help control and improve plaque and tartar and to help improve bad breath when used as directed. The Crunchy Dental Bites are grain- and soy-free, contain no added sugar, artificial flavors or colors – making them a healthy and tasty reward for your cat. Crunchy Dental Bites Salmon Flavor has a tasty formula specially developed for cats, containing salmon oil so your cat can’t resist it!