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Pet Beds

Whether Your Pet Sleeps by Your Side, in Their Own Bed or
Kicks You Off the Sofa…We Have a Solution for All Pet Parents!

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Should You Buy Your Cat Their Own Bed?

Cats love their sleep! Based on the amount of time they spend sleeping, sleep is one of the most important things in a cat’s life. On average, cat’s sleep for about 2/3 of their lifetime.

A bed can help build a routine. It will provide instant comfort and a softer place for them to sleep. Cat beds can help manage arthritis in our aging felines that have issues with their joints and their bones. A bed dedicated to the cat could be a great solution for keeping it contained to one spot.

Cats are most active in the hours just after dusk before dawn so how does that affect your sleep cycle if they are sleeping with you?

So, the biggest benefit might just be better sleep for you.

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Your Bed, Their Bed or Both?

Our dog snuggles in the bed with us and sometimes even kicks my husband out of the bed. But…he also has his own bed, and multiple I might add. I am admittable a crazy dog Mom as he has become our only child but besides spoiling him…there are proven benefits to pet beds even if you allow your pup on the bed or sofa.

I work from home and right by my side is Jack. So rather than having him sleep on the floor his bed helps support his joints as he ages. Dogs’ bodies can use the contouring comfort of a bed. Hard surfaces are harsh on young growing bodies, and the discomfort could cause a lack of sleep—potentially leading to behavioral issues.

Beds also provide warmth especially during the winter as floors get frigidly cold, and it doesn’t feel much better during hot summers. Temperature extremes make it hard to sleep well, but a proper dog bed can easily alleviate the problem.

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Dog on a pet bed

Truly pets like a space of their own that is not my husband’s. Your dog needs a space where they feel safe, protected, and can relax. They love having a place they can call their own. Plus, it shows them they are more than just a pet, but also family.

Finally, as pets age, jumping up and over a bed isn’t a simple task. High-intensity movements are a gateway to injury. A comfortable space that’s low to the ground and easily accessible is a good, safe choice.

Let’s face it, Jack will always have a spot in our bed, but he also needs his own space of security and comfort, plus how cute are these?

Raise Your Hand if They Have Free Roam?

Over 60% of pet owners allow their pets on furniture. That’s right…. pets have truly become an important part of our family in every aspect of our life. According to home experts, the average cost of a couch falls between $400–$1,500 so doesn’t it make sense to protect it from our fur family?

From pet hair, to pet odors, to scratches and stains…there are so many reasons to protect our investment while still allowing Fido on the couch. Bentley’s Pet Stuff now has a new line of furniture protectors and pet throws to protect that investment for every pet lover just in time for the holidays!

This is the must-have item that Pet Parents might not of even knew existed and had no idea how much they needed it until now.

Learn more about this line including pet beds and pet furniture throws and where to find them here:

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Beds should be replaced regularly. It is recommended on top of your normal pet bed cleaning schedule to replace your pets bed every 6 to 9 months. Stop by your local Bentley’s so we can help you find the perfect bed for your pet.