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About Us

We at Bentley’s live by the golden rule of treating others how you wish to be treated. As pet parents, that rule naturally extends to our four-legged friends. One of the most important ways to show them how much we care is by feeding them all natural, nutrient-rich foods.

I believe that what we feed ourselves (and our pets) has a direct impact on our health. In 2008, after losing two precious cats to illness, I took a closer look at what was in the food I was feeding my pets day in and day out. I was shocked. The ingredient lists were filled with items I couldn’t pronounce and things I certainly wouldn’t eat myself. I knew immediately that I wanted to do something about it.

I wanted to give my dogs and cats a fighting chance for their immune system and overall health. I wanted other pet parents to be aware of all the great options available so they can make an informed and conscious decision about their pet’s health. We, as Bentley’s Pet Stuff, wanted to create a store fueled by knowledge, where the selection directly reflects the diligent food research done. Customers can walk in assured that any item within our store is a good choice for their pet. We also take the time to train our team members to provide customers with a customized shopping experience because we understand a pet’s needs are specific to them, and they deserve to be treated as so.

We truly appreciate your like-minded dedication to your pet’s health! This is why we partner with our pet parents to help them find the very best for their furry family members.

We will see you in our stores soon!

Our Principles

We strive to help create a world where every pet owner has access to the knowledge and products necessary to ensure the very best life for their pets. With our values as our foundation, our guiding principles help keep us all on course along the way.

We were founded on the simple idea that a pet’s health should not be secondary. We believe that the difference is in plain sight. In order to help our pets achieve the greatest lives possible we must simply pay attention. This is the process and due diligence that we at Bentley’s are proud to manage for you, so that you have the utmost peace of mind when it comes to your furry friend.

Our Values

Since our inception, our core values of integrity and knowledge have been the driving force behind the Bentley’s you see today.

Integrity is the hallmark of our culture, and put simply, the manner in which we do things. No compromises. As a family owned and operated business, we care a lot. If we wouldn’t do it within our own family then we won’t do it for our company. Always prioritizing pets over profits, we are steadfast in our commitment to integrity in everything we do – selecting our partners, determining the products we carry, hiring our associates, and maintaining immensely high standards. We know that sometimes things change, stuff happens, and no matter what the case may be, we will remain committed throughout – with all of our values and principles in mind.

Knowledge is our differentiator. At Bentley’s, we make sure that everyone, at every level of our company is educated on what’s best for your pet. We pride ourselves on doing the homework on each product we carry, so you can walk into our stores and have the peace of mind that everything you see will help your pet thrive.

Why We Are Different

I get asked this question all the time and it is one of the things I am most proud of talking about.

We are different because we care about what is inside our doors – the people and the products. I purposely chose to have smaller stores, to only carry options that meet my Bentley’s Food Promise and to give you excellent and personalized service. It’s easy to have a large store full of pet products of varying quality and then carve out an aisle or two and call it “natural”. Our approach is different and rather than make it easy for us, we strive to make it easy for you. We do the research for you so that you can feel comfortable rotating between any of the food, treat, chew or supply options we carry and be at ease giving them to your pet.