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Pet Bowls

A Bowl is Not Just a Bowl and Bentley’s Can Help Educate You on How to Find the Right One for Your Pet

While you may think that a pet bowl is just a bowl, that is simply not the case. There are many different types of pet bowls that serve different purposes.

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Ceramic Pet Bowls

  • Often handmade and stylish, this is the perfect way to add more flare and style to you or your guest’s décor.
  • Plus they are easy to clean.

Stainless Steel Pet Bowls

  • Extremely durable
  • Dishwasher safe and the easiest to clean.
  • Most feature a non-skid bottom which is a great feature so your pet doesn’t have to chase their food around.
  • Recommended that those feeding Freeze-Dried, Dehydrated and Raw use a Stainless-Steel bowl to hinder bacteria growth.
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Elevated Pet Bowls

  • This is usually two plastic, ceramic or steel bowls that come in a stand made of wood or plastic.
  • This allows for the potential to store food within the stand.
  • Elevated feeding can be beneficial to aging pets especially.

Slow-Feed Pet Bowls

  • Can help with common behavior issues seen in pets such as food guarding.
  • They can decrease the risk of choking and bloating.
  • Provides mental stimulation for puppies and senior dogs.