Just like us, pets too have health issues, anxiety and need some extra TLC to thrive. Our pet ambassadors unfortunately have some of the most common health issues and things they would like to work on so as you learn their stories and what’s works for their health, we hope you will be better equipped to help your pet thrive.

The good news is, we believe we can help.

We hope you follow us on this journey as we work together to help these customers thrive and live long, healthy lives, giving tons of wet nose kisses to their families for many more years to come.

Follow Their Journey @pawscapepets

Follow Their Journey @pawscapepets

Pet Name: James
Age: 4 years old
Store Location: Oak Creek, WI.

Bio: James has been part of his family since 2018. He is really good friends with his sister Jessica. His current favorite toy is a felt cheese tube as he loves to pull feather toys and strings through the holes. He also has a plush mouse that he sleeps with when his family leaves the house. His favorite hobbies are snuggling with his humans and be carried around on his moms shoulder to see the world from her perspective.

Resolution: “James’s resolution is to stop waking his humans up in the middle of the night says Mom.”

James was recommended Medterra CBD and Vee PURRfect Wiggle Bouncer Wand toy to help him relax at night and allow his humans to sleep better. Toys are great mental stimulation as it allows your cat to exercise their prey drive and work out excess energy. CBD allows the body to relax and calm anxious, nervous or destructive behavior.

Products: Medterra 150mg Unflavored CBD and Vee PURRfect Wiggle Bouncer Wand

Testimonial: “James LOVES his new toy! His toy and CBD have helped him relax and allow us to sleep through the night.”

Pet Name: Lincoln
Age: 9 years old
Store Location: Pooler, GA.

Bio: Lincoln has been part of his family since he was 6 weeks old. He has multiple siblings both cat and human, but he is definitely King of the Castle! His favorite toys are Feather Wands and Catnip Mice, but he also loves to attack pens, especially when they are in use. His hobbies include laying on important papers, playing fetch, testing gravity by knocking things off dressers and sitting at the table during meal time.

Resolution: “Lincoln’s resolution is to expand his culinary horizons and try new foods while adjusting to life without Kibble.”

We recommended Primal Goat Milk and Feline Naturals Freeze-Dried Food for Lincoln. Cats tend to be very picky and creatures of habit. Freeze-Dried food tends to be more palatable for pets, making this an easier transition from kibble. When switching foods, upset stomachs are common, so adding Primal Goat Milk is essential. It has probiotics to help with gut balance, ginger for anti-nausea, cinnamon for blood sugar control and turmeric as an anti-inflammatory. These products coupled together can aid in a smoother transition to a new food.

Products: Primal Goat Milk and Feline Naturals Freeze-Dried Food

Testimonial: “Always the discerning gentleman, Lincoln can be a bit persnickety, but the tasty combination of Feline Naturals Freeze-Dried lamb morsels and Primal Goats Milk allowed him to step out of his culinary comfort zone! He used to leave half of his meals in his bowl and now he licks his bowl clean. Four Toes Up!”


Pet Name: Nami
Age: 1.5 years old
Store Location: Oak Creek, IL.

Bio: Nami has been with her family since she was 5 months old. She loves playing with her toys. Some of her favorites are chews, fetch and interactive toys. Her favorite hobbies include going for walks, chasing squirrels, eating and taking naps.

Resolution: “Nami’s resolution is to relive her anxiety, especially her anxiety when getting groomed.”

Nami was recommended Primal Bone Broth and CBD Chews to help with her anxiety. Bone Broth contains many amino acids that are essential for brain health. These amino acids can decrease anxiety and reduce stress. CBD is a calming agent that allows the body to relax and calm anxious, nervous or destructive behavior.

Products: Primal Bone Broth and Primal CBD Chews

Testimonial: “Nami loves the Primal CBD Chews and Primal Bone Broth! Her anxiety has been less apparent especially when playing with other dogs.”

mossmansansia (Owner)

Pet Name: Sansia
Age: 3 years old
Store Location: Rogers Park, IL.

Bio: Sansia has been a member of her family since she was 8 weeks old. Her favorite toy is the Kong Squeaky Tennis Balls. Her favorite hobby is to go to the park and play ball followed by a delicious Boss Dog Bacon & Cheddar Froyo!

Resolution: “Sansia’s resolution is to increase her energy through food and adding supplements to her diet for overall health and well-being.”

Sansia was recommended Primal Goat Milk to increase her energy and aid in her skin and coat health. Goat Milk aids in digestive health, promotes a healthy gut and healthy pups. When your pets’ gut is balanced, their body can properly use and store their energy. Goat Milk also contains essential amino acids to help improve your pets’ skin and coat health.

Products: Primal Goat Milk

Testimonial: “Sansia really likes her Primal Goat Milk. She has a strong beautiful coat from it and her energy is great.”


Pet Name: Sulley
Age: 1 year old
Store Location: Brookfield, WI.

Bio: Sulley has been part of his family since he was 9 weeks old. He is an only child and LOVES being the center of attention. His favorite toys are Hide and Seek toys and Frisbee’s. His hobbies include going for walks, playing with his best friend Cooper and cuddling with his family.

Resolution: “Sulley’s resolution is to be excited about mealtime and reduce his separation anxiety.”

Sulley was recommended K9 Naturals Freeze-Dried Beef Food and K9 Natural Milk. Freeze-Dried food is a great addition to any pet’s diet, especially those picky eaters. Freeze-Dried tends to be more palatable than kibble or canned food which entices picky eaters. Feeding a fresher food diet such as Freeze-Dried adds moisture content into the food can aid in a balanced gut leading to a reduction in your pet’s anxiety.

Products: K9 Naturals Freeze-Dried Beef Food and K9 Natural Milk

Testimonial: “Sulley is in love with the products that were recommended for him (K9 Natural Milk & FD Beef). The funny thing is that he recognizes the milk bottle and will nudge it until you pour some into his bowl. He is an extremely picky eater, so this is a big feat for him. Prior to the products, he was more of a social eater meaning he would only eat dry food when another dog was around. Now he gladly eats his food by himself. I am so unbelievably proud of him and his progress.”


Pet Name: Turbo
Age: 9 years old
Store Location: Skokie and Glenview, WI.

Bio: Turbo has been part of his family for 9 years. He is a happy Pitbull who loves to sign “Happy Birthday” with all who will join him! Around Thanksgiving, Turbo was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma which is a type of Bone Cancer. With few options, his family decided to make the difficult decision to have his leg amputated. Since his surgery he has bounced back and is his happy, energetic, birthday singing self! His favorite toys are a Squeaky Pig, Kong Wobbler or Kong Tennis Balls. His favorite hobby is going for a walk or a ride in the car!

Resolution: “To live his best life cancer free!”

Turbo was recommended K9 Naturals Freeze-Dried Lamb Food and The Honest Kitchen Goat Milk Treats. K9 Naturals Freeze-Dried is a Keto diet which is a naturally anti-inflammatory food that can starve the body of cancer, reducing the risk of progression or tumors. Fresher, whole foods also aid in skin and coat, allergy, gut and oral health. The Honest Kitchen Goat Milk Treats are infused with probiotics for a healthy gut. For pets with cancer, a healthy balanced gut is very important to keep them healthy and happy.

Products: K9 Naturals Freeze-Dried Lamb Food and Honest Kitchen Goat Milk Cookies

Testimonial: “Turbo is doing better with the new food. His coat has begun to look healthier and shinier. He has also lost weight with his new K9 Naturals Freeze-Dried food as well as having increased energy. He is more excited for his daily walks!”

Follow Their Journey @pawscapepets

Follow Their Journey @pawscapepets