Many Benefits to Grooming Your Pet

The Many Benefits of Grooming Your Pet

There are more benefits to grooming your pet besides the obvious of trying to control shedding. Here are more reasons to regularly brush and bathe your pet:

A Closer Bond

When taking the time to gently brush your pet, you are making an emotional connection with them. If your dog or cat is not particularly fond of brushing, then try offering them a lick mat, food, or an interactive toy to keep them busy while you brush. Sometimes the type of brush is the reason your pet doesn’t enjoy the pampering. Keep in mind your pet’s fur type and ask us which brush is the best fit for your pet’s coat.

Keep Fur and Skin Healthy and Shiny

Regular brushing helps to detangle and pull natural oils through the coat. It keeps dust and dirt off their fur and helps to pull any loose hairs. This is especially helpful in cats that tend to have hairballs. If you regularly brush your cat, this can help them from swallowing too much loose fur and then spitting it up later.

Keep Pests Away!

Bathing and brushing keep your pet clean and fresh. Fleas and ticks typically love a dirty dog and cat more so than a clean one. So, keep up on their grooming to add another layer of protection against those unwanted pests!