Benefits of Adding Moisture to Your Pet’s Food

Moisture is crucial for the digestive tract and overall organ function. Simply drinking water will not allow our pet’s to receive the amount of moisture needed to prevent dehydration. Our pets are genetically built for high protein, high moisture diets. On top of dehydration, lack of moisture can cause a number of health issues for our pets.

How can I make sure my pet is getting enough moisture?

  • Add some moisture to your pet’s food. bone broth and goat’s milk are both great food toppers that have many benefits including added moisture.
  • Create frozen treats for your pet with bone broth or goat’s milk. Simply pour some into an ice cube tray, freeze and then give as a delicious and moisture-filled treat!
  • Introduce frozen or canned food to your pets diet. These foods are high in protein and moisture and your pet will love it!
  • Don’t be afraid to try new foods, mix up proteins and add fresh foods into your pets diet.

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