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SheaPet - Organic Shea Butter With Avocado Dog Shampoo, 18oz

Organic Shea Butter With Avocado Dog Shampoo, 18oz

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This extra gentle, sulfate-free conditioning shampoo is formulated especially for dogs with sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Our shea butter and avocado-rich formula is loaded with super premium conditioners for a shiny, healthy coat. We've added aloe, jojoba, and soy, rice and oat proteins to help soothe and moisturize dry, itchy skin. Fragrance-free. Perfect for puppies!

18 oz / 532 ml


Shake well. Sulfate-free shampoos lather less, but clean and deoderize just as well. Wet your dog thoroughly and shampoo as usual, leaving lather to sit for 5 minutes for optimum conditioning. Dilute 10-1 for easier application and rinsing. This formula is gentle, however it's best to avoid the eye area.