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Merrick - JR Texas Taffy

JR Texas Taffy

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Merrick Jr. Texas Taffy comes in 10-12inch pieces.
Treat your dog to tasty Merrick Jr. Texas Taffy Dog Beef Jerky. This natural dog treat has that delicious beefy taste that your furry friend will love. A new rendition on a classic treat, Jr. Texas Taffy jerky won’t stick to your dog’s teeth. Each treat caters to your dog’s natural instinct to chew and gnaw. This beef stick dog treat is a great way to encourage healthy chewing behavior and provide your pet with a tasty reward.

Dogs have a natural desire to chew in order to satisfy a variety of needs. Physically, chewing on a natural dog treat or similar item can help to give your pet’s jaw a healthy workout. Also, chewing can help dogs relieve mental and emotional stress. A chew like a beef stick dog treat can, then, cater to your dog’s physical and emotional needs.

Merrick Jr. Texas Taffy Dog Beef Jerky can provide your dog with oodles of delicious fun. Your dog is sure to love this 100% natural dog treat’s real beef flavor. A beef stick dog treat like the Merrick Jr. Texas Taffy Dog Beef Jerky uses flavorful, natural jerky to treat your pet and encourage healthy chewing behavior. Your dog is sure to look forward to settling down with a big stick of jerky to chew on for a while. Merrick Jr. Texas Taffy Dog Beef Jerky ingredients are sourced in the US. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives are used. The jerky is produced in the US.


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