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Introducing Your Pet To New Friends

Pets don't always play nice with new pet friends. Here are some tips to help your pet get along with other pets and make new friends.

Kelsey: Hi, I’m Kelsey.

Ryan: And I’m Ryan. And we’re from Bentley’s Pet Stuff.

Kelsey: Is your pet struggling to make new furry friends? Do they hide under the couch when you have company over? Today, we’re going to give you some tips to help your pet blossom from a scaredy-cat into a social butterfly.

Ryan: Whether you’re introducing your furry friend to a new person, environment, or pet, it’s important to be aware of the situation. And remember, introductions can be a slow process.

Kelsey: Each pet responds differently, but by being a calm and alert handler, you can help ensure your dog or cat is relaxed and open to making new friends, which is extremely important to reduce your pet’s phobias and social anxieties, especially if done while they’re still young.

Ryan: If you’re introducing your dog to another dog, be sure to have slack in the leash, as a tight leash can often lead to a negative reaction in your pet.

Kelsey: Allow your pet to decide when they want to come out and introduce themselves. Move at your pet’s pace. Never force interactions, and be sure to support them with positive reinforcement.

Ryan: And be on the lookout for a tense body or raised hair. These are clear signs that these two pets may not be ready to be best buds yet.

Kelsey: Just calmly move them away from each other, and try again another time.

Ryan: Now, get your pets out there and making new friends.

Kelsey: Thanks for tuning in with us today.

Ryan: And, as always, don’t forget to treat your pets like you’d want to be treated.