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Halloween Do’s And Dont’s For Your Pets

Halloween Do’s And Dont’s For Your Pets

Some tips to manage your pets around halloween.

Although Halloween is a fun and festive time of the year for us, our pets aren’t acquainted with this tradition like we are. Every year, we hear of the heart-wrenching accidents caused by pet owners unintentionally neglecting to prepare their pets for Halloween. Whether it’s a run-away or normally calm pet who is frightened and showing signs of aggression, it’s vital that we pay attention to the signs and make every effort to prepare for all possible scenarios.

Unlike us, our pets don’t understand the significance of dressing up for the Halloween season, ringing doorbells, handing out candy or yelling “trick-or-treat” through an open door. By all means, this does not mean we shouldn’t include them in the festivities, but it’s SO important that we know HOW to include them.


  • Our dogs do not recognize us or those they are typically familiar with when we are in costume. ALWAYS approach your dog and any other dog with caution during Halloween.
  • If you dress your pet in a costume, make sure it’s not restricting their ability to move or hear.
  • Halloween night can be awfully stressful for dogs who are triggered by doorbells and knocking. Be prepared for this! If you plan to leave them in a gated area of the house, it’s smart to use white noise (sleep machine or calming music) to help keep their focus away from the trick-or-treaters.
  • If your dog won’t be in an enclosed area away from the door, PLEASE keep them on a leash at all times (YES, even indoors)! This will help prevent them from charging at the door at every knock, and it will keep them feeling more secure in their surroundings. It will also help prevent them from potentially running away if they get spooked!
  • Having a party? Your pet may feel very anxious with so many people around them dressed in unfamiliar ways. Give them a peaceful, quiet area to rest and their favorite comfort toy to play with. This will help focus their attention away from the commotion, and give them a way to release some stress.
  • Dogs don’t know what’s unsafe for them to ingest! It’s our role as pet owners to make sure that our dogs don’t eat any candy left out or strayed around on the ground. Many types of Halloween candies are poisonous to our furry friends, especially chocolates and candies made with artificial sweeteners!
    • If you suspect that your pet has consumed something poisonous, please call the Pet Poison Helpline at 1(800) 213-6680 as well as your local veterinarian or animal hospital
  • ALWAYS make sure your pets have proper identification! Although this is important all year round, it’s especially crucial around Halloween when “run-aways” peak! If your pet escapes, proper identification will increase your chances of a safe return.

We tend to get so wrapped up in the season, that we forget how it can affect our furry friends. Absolutely let your pets join in the Halloween fun, but make sure that you can gauge how they react in any given situation — especially on Halloween!

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