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Dehydrated & Freeze Dried Food

Have you experimented with dehydrated or freeze dried food for your furry family member? We at Bentley's know not everyone wants to or can try these alternate feeding options, but we'd like to educate you on the benefits of it and give you a guide to incorporate these alternate foods into your pets everyday routine.

Kelsey: Hey there! I’m Kelsey and this is Annabel. We are pet experts at Bentley’s Pet Stuff.

Annabel: Have you experimented with freeze dried or dehydrated food for your furry family member? We at Bentley’s know that not everyone wants to or can try alternative feeding methods, but today we are here to educate you about the benefits of it and give you a guide to make it simple to incorporate this into your pets’ daily routine.

Kelsey: Freeze Dried or Dehydrated foods have their moisture removed without taking away their nutrients. This minimal processing means it is higher in nutrients and animal proteins.

Annabel: When rehydrating Freeze Dried or Dehydrated foods we recommend using warm water, broth or raw goat’s milk. Think of it like Raw Food with less mess.

Kelsey: If you are on the fence about completely switching your furry family member from dry kibble to one of these other options, try out our Mixology approach to fed your furry friend.

Annabel: Our mixology approach is simply adding alternative foods in with the dry kibble you are currently feeding your dog or cat. By rotating food types your furry friend’s diet they will get more nutrients, minerals and fill in any nutritional gaps they may have because of only eating one type of food.

Kelsey: Some of our favorite mixtures are adding rehydrated Sojos on top of Fromm kibble. By rehydrating the dehydrated Sojo your pet is not only getting increased nutrients, extra hydration but also getting a variety of textures to keep them excited for meal time.

Annabel: Another mix we often recommend is adding rehydrated freeze dried Stella and Chewy’s on top of kibble. This can not only be used at meal time but freeze dried can be used as a nutritious and delicious treat for your furry family member because it is very easy to travel with and can be stored without freezing or refrigeration.

Kelsey: By adding alternative food sources and protein types into your pets diet you are ensuring that their are no nutritional gaps in their diet and that they will be less likely to develop any food sensitivities.

Annabel: If interested in finding out more about our mixology guide click on the link right here and be sure to check out some of our other videos while you’re at it!

Kelsey: Thanks for tuning in with us today! And don’t forget at Bentley’s we can about your pet as much as you do.