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Skin & Coat Health

Does your furry family member itch all the time, chew their paws, or smell like a bag of Fritos? These all can be signs of minor skin and coat issues. Today we're here to chat about keeping your furry friend’s skin and coat looking good and smelling fresh.

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Joint Health

Have you noticed your furry family member is a little slow to get around or not able to jump on to the couch? When one of our furry friends begins to suffer from a chronic joint disorder, it's often due to the inability to keep up with their body's need glucosamine and other sulfates and acids. This means it's time to to look elsewhere to help supplement your furry friend's diet with products that will keep them jumping for joy.

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Pets Dental Health & Hygiene Tips

Is your furry family members breath off putting? Do you find yourself pulling away from pupper kisses? It is estimated that 85% of our furry friends have a type of periodontal disease by age three. Today we'd like to share some quick tips to keep your furry feline's and pups teeth healthy.

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Cat Nutrition & Hydration

Did you know that, in the wild, cats get 75% of their moisture through food and are naturally lazy water drinkers? This begs the question, is your cat getting enough moisture and nutrients in their current diet? Today, we are here to give you some quick tips to keep your cat hydrated and healthy.

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Bentley's Pet Stuff vs. Big Box Stores

Here at Bentley's Pet Stuff we stock only the finest and all-natural pet foods. Why shop with us instead of the big box stores?

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Pet Food Mixology

Do you mix up the protein your pet gets in their pet food regularly? Watch and learn about the importance of pet food mixology.

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Where to Start With Pet Vitamins & Supplements

Dog and cat supplements can be confusing. Watch as we show you what you need to know about dog and cat vitamins and supplements.

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Adopt A Senior Pet Month

Senior pets need love to. Here is some info about adopting a senior pet.

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