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Coco Therapy - Maggie's Macaroons Coconut Lemoncello, 4oz

Maggie's Macaroons Coconut Lemoncello, 4oz

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MAGGIES MACAROONS is a quality nutritional treat that actually tastes great.CocoTherapy uses only the purest organic ingredients that are nutrient dense and minimally processed.MAGGIES MACAROONS are not baked; they are slowly dehydrated at low temperatures, so the health benefits of coconut and coconut oil are preserved.The result is a raw treat that has retained the health-boosting properties of medium chain triglycerides from coconut and coconut oil.CocoTherapy doesn't use eggs, dairy, grains or preservatives, so dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies can enjoy.


Organic coconut, organic coconut nectar, organic coconut oil, Organic lemon juice.